Our Process


For five generations, our family has continued to redefine the possibilities of quality and natural high mountain oolong tea. The entire tea making process is done in-house through techniques refined over a century to adhere to the highest standards of quality. 

Starting with the labor-intensive harvesting through picking each individual tea leaf by hand, to withering, tossing, oxidation, roasting, rolling, drying to appraisal and tasting, every single step of the process requires years of expert craftsmanship to lock in the distinct and complex flavor profiles for each tea.

Dae tea masters combines scientific training at technical institutes with our 100-year expertise in producing international award-winning teas.

We welcome you to enjoy a variety of teas straight from our family's tea gardens in the comfort of your home and savor the deep aromatic flavor profiles that evolve with each infusion. 

Have a good Dae!