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AliShan Alpine Jin-Xuan Oolong Loose Leaf

AliShan Alpine Jin-Xuan Oolong Loose Leaf

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Tea leaves used to produce this popular variety of oolong tea are cultivated in high-mountain conditions that result in a natural creamy flavor. Although it contains no dairy, the subtle milk taste and aroma is why jin xuan is also called “milk oolong.” This jin xuan oolong tea from AliShan is coveted by many.

AROMA: Fresh floral fragrance with an elegant milklike scent
FLAVOR: A subtle milklike flavor and sweet finish that lingers
ELEVATION: 3610-4920 ft (1100-1500 m)
REGION: AliShan, Taiwan

Brewing Instructions

Steep 2 tsp to 4 oz of water at 203°F:

• 1 minute for each of first 3 brews

• 2 minute each for 4th and 5th brews

Suggested brewing time can be tailored to personal taste preference

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